Artists' Fellowship, Inc.
Financial Assistance  

How to Apply for Financial Assistance
The Artists' Fellowship aids professional fine artists in the event of an emergency. It cannot aid every artist who applies, nor does it award scholarship funds or "fellowships" for study, projects, art supplies, schooling, travel, or exhibitions.

Applications from performance artists, commercial artists, commercial photographers, filmmakers, crafts persons, and hobbyists are not accepted. Although the need is real and often urgent, Artists' Fellowship, Inc. is not authorized to respond to such requests.

Professional fine artists that are residents of the USA must submit the following:

  • Signed copy of household's most current IRS tax return(s) and Schedule C.
  • A letter detailing the reasons for the need of financial assistance.
  • Copies of official documents supporting amount requested (ie, doctor and/or hospital bills).
  • CD or slides (10) of current work.
  • Resume, exhibition brochures, gallery affiliation, and copies of published reviews of your work.
  • Incomplete applications WILL NOT be reviewed.
  • All materials WILL NOT be returned unless a self-addressed stamped envelope is included.

  • How Applicants are Selected for Assistance
    The Relief and Assistance Committee of the Artists' Fellowship carefully reviews all applications. It then reports its findings to the President, Treasurer, and Board of Trustees as expeditiously as possible. All information supplied by applicants is kept strictly confidential. Only members of the Board of Trustees and it's Officers are aware of the circumstances of each request.

    Yearly, between 65 and 75 professional fine artists in urgent situations receive aid from the Fellowship. Most of the emergencies involved health-related issues, accidents, financial crisis or bereavement. Some of our recipients receive aid one time only, while other infirmed artists receive continuing support.

    Recipients of assistance from the Artists' Fellowship are permitted to reapply for financial assistance if their circumstances are still critical, but only after the term of aid has expired. Any applicants who have been denied assistance may reapply. In either case, all required forms must be updated and resubmitted.

    The application for financial assistance form is designed to be printed from your web browser. Click here. You may also obtain the application directly from Artists' Fellowship, Inc. by writing to request a copy.

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